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DP Advisors Services


Finding Practical Solutions to Complex Challenges.

At Decision Point Advisors, we help clients navigate the changing business environment to identify, manage and monitor the challenges facing your organization.

When you’re able to keep on top of the risks and identify opportunities, you’re building a more resilient organization – one that’s adaptable to change, efficient and maximizes shareholder value.


We embrace forward-thinking and innovation but also understand that no solutions will help unless they’re also workable and maintainable. That’s why our approach is designed to remove complexity from business activities while solving the unique challenges facing your company.


Working with our experienced team, you’ll have access to specialized knowledge, an independent perspective, and resource support.  Some of the ways we can help manage the risks facing your organization:



Is your organization secure?


Use your data to save time, reduce costs and lower risk.


Some of the ways we can help manage the risks facing your organization:


Junior exploration, construction/development and producers all have their unique challenges. Whether it is managing the regulatory compliance landscape and meeting internal controls compliance or managing risks on a construction project or implementing a process improvement initiative at the mine site, our experience allows us to bring the optimal balance of best practice and practical solutions.

Insight for Your Industry.

Every industry is unique and has its own approach to manage business and regulatory requirements – just like your business. Our experienced team provides insight and pragmatic solutions spanning several industries.

The Decision Point Difference


Working with the experienced Decision Point team, you'll have access to specialized knowledge and a customized approach that solves your business' unique operational challenges.

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