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Decision Point can help integrate ESG so that it aligns to your organization's strategy, purpose and values while facilitating top-line growth.

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) has become a focus for not only senior management and the Board but in particular, prospective investors, who want to see an ESG strategy in place before they decide to do business with you. Every organization may have a different approach to ESG and working to understand material risks, opportunities, and alignment with long-term business strategy can be difficult. Decision Point Advisors simplifies ESG and helps integrate ESG with your organization’s purpose, values and strategy.


When done right, ESG can facilitate top-line growth, attract talent, reduce costs, and forge a sense of trust amongst stakeholders. Decision Point Advisors can help you implement a holistic framework to make the most of ESG opportunities and work with your stakeholders to effectively embed your ESG strategy into your organization's culture.


Our range of ESG services includes:

  1. ESG Framework - Understand organization's ESG objectives and governance structure, establish an overall ESG Framework including goals and targets​​

  2. Materiality Assessment - Engage with key stakeholders to understand ESG priorities and align with business strategy and leading measurement and reporting standards

  3. ESG Strategy Integration - Integrate ESG objective into strategic planning, resource allocation and into the ERM function

  4. Data Collection, Collation & Controls - Evaluate reporting processes and controls under the established framework

  5. ESG Audit Readiness Assessment - Complete a readiness assessment to ensure compliance with external audit and assurance

  6. ESG Reporting - Develop report for public disclosure to a variety of stakeholders

Ready to get started? Contact us today to get the most from your ESG efforts.

Insight for Your Industry.

Every industry is unique and has its own approach to manage business and regulatory requirements – just like your business. Our experienced team provides insight and pragmatic solutions spanning several industries.


Junior exploration, construction/development and producers all have their unique challenges. Whether it is managing the regulatory compliance landscape and meeting internal controls compliance or managing risks on a construction project or implementing a process improvement initiative at the mine site, our experience allows us to bring the optimal balance of best practice and practical solutions.


From credit unions to broker/dealers, our team has worked with a variety of financial institutions on their most pressing needs. Whether it is a cyber security review, designing a balanced scorecard for the organization or assisting with the implementation of a new system, we bring a pragmatic approach to all our work and ensure that our clients are provided with solutions that are sustainable.


The public sector is unique in that organizations have accountability to a much broader set of stakeholders than any private company. Layered on top of the high expectations is usually a myriad of regulations and compliance requirements. We have helped public sector entities with compliance with policies such as FOIPPA, international trade agreements or addressing findings from oversight bodies.


The BC manufacturing sector is a significant part of our economy. Managing the balance of containing costs, human resources and capital investment, is an art that management must master to succeed. Areas where our team has helped include process improvement, risk management, internal control certification and information technology security health checks.

The Decision Point Difference


Working with the experienced Decision Point team, you'll have access to specialized knowledge and a customized approach that solves your business' unique operational challenges.

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