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Decision Point can help integrate ESG so that it aligns to your organization's strategy, purpose and values while facilitating top-line growth.
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ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) has become a focus for not only senior management and the Board but in particular, prospective investors, who want to see an ESG strategy in place before they decide to do business with you. Every organization may have a different approach to ESG and working to understand material risks, opportunities, and alignment with long-term business strategy can be difficult. Decision Point Advisors simplifies ESG and helps integrate ESG with your organization’s purpose, values and strategy.


When done right, ESG can facilitate top-line growth, attract talent, reduce costs, and forge a sense of trust amongst stakeholders. Decision Point Advisors can help you implement a holistic framework to make the most of ESG opportunities and work with your stakeholders to effectively embed your ESG strategy into your organization's culture.


Our range of ESG services includes:



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ESG Framework: How to get started?


Decision Point can assist in establishing an ESG Framework suitable for your organization that will guide your ESG strategy and support your business objectives. We take a holistic approach to sustainability by balancing change management, maintaining and improving upon financial strength, monitoring environmental and social externalities, and strengthening governance in your organization.


Decision Point’s ESG framework will help you:

  • Understand your organization's ESG landscape

  • Assess your organization’s ESG maturity and ambition

  • Compile stakeholder needs assessments 

  • Develop a sustainable ESG strategy

  • Review operating models and performance metrics

  • Communicate a compelling ESG story

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ESG Framework
How to get started?

Materiality Assessment: Where to focus your efforts? 


Materiality is the principle of defining the ESG topics that matter most to your organization and stakeholders. We can help your organization understand how sustainability topics connect with your wider organization’s strategy ensuring you will be better positioned to inform investors, regulators, and other stakeholders about your ESG impacts, risks, and opportunities.

Decision Point's ESG materiality assessment can:

  • Engage stakeholders and determine what their priorities are

  • Identify ESG trends and understand the potential impact on your organization

  • Make the business case for ESG action plans

  • Build, plan and implement communication strategies

  • Understand long-term ESG-related risks


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Materiality Assessment
Where to focus your efforts?

ESG Strategy: How to turn ideas into actions?

Increasingly, stakeholders and prospective investors want to see an ESG strategy in place before they decide to do business with you. Not having an ESG strategy can put you at a competitive disadvantage.


Decision Point can tailor your organization's ESG strategy to suit you, and create a bespoke solution that takes into consideration:

  • Stakeholder Engagement 

  • Organizational and ESG Goals

  • ESG Risk Management 

  • Change Management 

  • Performance Measurement 


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How to turn ideas into action?
ESG Strategy

ESG Data: How to collect, collate, and measure ESG data?

ESG data encapsulates all information that is related to the impact an organization has on its surroundings, including metrics such as air quality, water use, staff diversity, and even Board independence. Given the diverse nature of the potential data points,  it is a complex and daunting task to start your organization's ESG collection, collation, and assessment. 


Decision Point can help your organization to collect and understand your ESG data by:

  • Identifying the data to be collected

  • Operationalize data collection with strong processes.

  • Standardize your data to enable analysis 

  • Match data collection with the size and complexity of your business

  • Ensure data integrity


Contact us today to get the most from your ESG efforts.

ESG Data
How to collect, collate, and measure your ESG data?

ESG Audit Readiness: Are you prepared for an external audit?


Decision Point’s  ESG audit readiness assessment includes the following:

  • Understanding the organization, its leadership, goals, ESG strategy, environmental systems, business processes, and other systems that would be included in the organization's ESG report 

  • Examining the environmental, social, and governance documentation for accuracy and completeness. 

  • Reviewing procedures for collecting, documenting, and retaining documentation.

  • Exploring the operating effectiveness of key controls 

  • Discussing the  implementation and application of ESG standards and frameworks


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Are you prepared for an external audit?
ESG Audit Readiness

ESG Reporting: How will you tell your ESG story?

The importance of reporting on your ESG performance is increasing due to an evolving ESG reporting landscape, shifting stakeholder expectations, and pressure from investors. Decision Point can help you develop your ESG report, using a reputable ESG framework and reporting standard, and show how it is tied to your broader strategy. 


Communicating and demonstrating to your stakeholders that your organization is purposeful about your sustainability efforts are some of the key objectives of ESG Reporting.  We can work with you to develop an ESG report that communicates the specifics of your ESG initiatives, investments, and progress made against your ESG strategy.  We will also help ensure the report is relevant, understandable, unbiased, reliable, complete and audit ready. 

Contact us today to get the most from your ESG efforts.

ESG Reporting
How will you tell your ESG story?


Junior exploration, construction/development and producers all have their unique challenges. Whether it is managing the regulatory compliance landscape and meeting internal controls compliance or managing risks on a construction project or implementing a process improvement initiative at the mine site, our experience allows us to bring the optimal balance of best practice and practical solutions.

Insight for Your Industry.

Every industry is unique and has its own approach to manage business and regulatory requirements – just like your business. Our experienced team provides insight and pragmatic solutions spanning several industries.

The Decision Point Difference

Working with the experienced Decision Point team, you'll have access to specialized knowledge and a customized approach that solves your business' unique operational challenges.

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