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Segregation of Duties

Trust the specialists to implement effective controls for your ERP

Proper Segregation of Duties with your financial systems can be confusing and difficult to achieve. Decision Point Advisors makes it simple. Trust the specialists to implement effective controls for your ERP and related financial systems.

Segregation of duties is a fundamental element of internal controls that ensures that one individual  does not have too many abilities or privileges in the accounting system. Without proper internal controls, your company can be susceptible to errors in financial reporting or even fraud.

When you Work with Decision Point Advisors

Decision Point Advisors helps your organization identify the risks associated with user access, and to implement effective Segregation of Duties for your ERP systems.

We assist with the testing of your Segregation of Duties and configuring user access controls based on industry best practices to identify gaps and exposures.

Our set of automated tools identifies typical tasks that should be separated or controlled within an organization. We will work with your system owners to identify and investigate the highest risk conflicts, and to propose improvements to the existing ERP configurations to mitigate those risks.

Segregation of Duties Timeline

Why Opt for Segregation of Duties?

Many organizations struggle to understand whether they are achieving appropriate Segregation of Duties within their systems. Doing the analysis manually is complex, time-consuming, and frustrating, especially with larger or more complex organizational structures with many users.
Ensuring that your company’s assets are protected, as well as preventing fraud, and helping ensure regulatory compliance are some of the benefits you can expect – and the reason why it is crucial to have your ERP Systems access configured correctly.

Benefits of Decision Point Advisors Segregation of Duties offer

  • Results in a Week

  • Effective Internal Control Analysis process
    ERP System Expertise

  • Automated, easily repeatable

Our ERP Expertise

ERP systems where we have run our Segregation of Duties analysis include:

Expertise You Can Trust

Thomas Steeves, ACDA


Thomas is a Senior Advisor and uses his 25 years of applied experience in data analysis, database management and technical programming to enable clients to gain greater business value from their data. Thomas believes that there is “always a way” to find good solutions to complex problems and is dedicated to delivering the best solution possible on every engagement.

Are you Ready to Improve the access controls around your ERP Systems?

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