Is your organization's data protected?

As your organization strives to leverage technology and maximize the value of the vast amount of data you hold, cyber criminals are also looking to gain access to your valuable information.

Cyber Attacks are becoming more sophisticated and frequent, making it even more important for your organization to have a robust Cyber Security strategy that is aligned to your business goals and able to quickly evolve along with cyber criminal activity.


Decision Point Cyber Security Advisors is here to help provide an efficient and pragmatic approach to your organization’s unique Cyber Security challenges . 

Our customized solutions mean we can jump in at any stage of Cyber Security implementation, based on your needs. We’ve got you covered including:

What are the Gaps?
Cyber Health Check
Cyber Roadmap
What's the Plan?
Incident Response Planning
Are You Prepared?


Junior exploration, construction/development and producers all have their unique challenges. Whether it is managing the regulatory compliance landscape and meeting internal controls compliance or managing risks on a construction project or implementing a process improvement initiative at the mine site, our experience allows us to bring the optimal balance of best practice and practical solutions.

Insight for Your Industry.

Every industry is unique and has its own approach to manage business and regulatory requirements – just like your business. Our experienced team provides insight and pragmatic solutions spanning several industries.

The Decision Point Difference

Working with the experienced Decision Point team, you'll have access to specialized knowledge and a customized approach that solves your business' unique operational challenges.

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