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We hire awesome people!
At Decision Point we're motivated, entrepreneurial people who are excited to help grow a business. We're not just working toward exceptional success - we're having a lot of fun doing it. 
Our culture is based on our core values. These values guide the behaviors and decisions of our current team and are what we look for in our future employees. Our top performers are engaged and passionate about the Decision Point brand. They aren’t just following the status quo - they want more.
We're not typical consultants. We're a group of experienced professionals who are on a mission…and we truly are inspired to make a difference. Entrepreneurial and fun, Decision Point needs talented, like-minded people to join our team.
If this sounds like a great fit, forward your resume to
Core Values


POSITIVITY. We approach everything from a positive mindset, believing we can achieve our goals.


AWESOME RELATIONSHIPS. We strive to build the highest quality relationships, both internally and externally.




EXCELLENCE. We strive for excellence in all we do.

TRUST. We extend trust to one another. It's the cornerstone of our business and future success.

RESPECT. We treat each other, our clients and all our business contacts with the utmost respect.


 Decision Point Advisors was founded to help our clients take the complexity and challenges out of their business activities.


For over a decade, we've been helping companies tackle challenges in areas where they just need a little more help:

• Financial Reporting
• Internal Audit & Controls
• Process Improvement
• Cyber Security
• Data Management
• Blockchain Assurance

Is it your time to shine?

Join the team and work with other happy, hardworking people -- just like you. If these statements resonate with you, Decision Point may be a good fit.

“Challenges can be daunting, but that’s why the reward on the other side is so satisfying.”

“Working towards building something awesome is even more important than the paycheque.”

“Making a mistake can be hard sometimes, but it's an opportunity to learn and get better.”

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