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  • Imogen Ni Ealai

Mental Health in the Workplace During COVID-19

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

COVID-19, social distancing, global uncertainty, and working remotely are all contributing to increases in stress, anxiousness, and loneliness across the globe. Acknowledging these feelings and the disruptions caused by COVID-19 to both our personal and professional lives is vital while engaging in open and honest dialogues about this is crucial to our mental well-being. 

While mental health remains a sensitive topic in many workplaces, more than ever, organizations need to champion mental health initiatives for their employees as many Canadians’ mental well-being is being affected by the pandemic.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada estimates that the financial fallout from lost productivity relating to mental illness will cost Canadian businesses an estimated $6.6 billion annually. With 50% of Canadians saying their mental health has worsened following the pandemic and 28% Vancouverites noting a decline in their mental health from ‘fair’ to ‘poor’. With no end in sight for this pandemic, that figure may increase dramatically.

Studies have shown that better performance, engagement, employee retention, and of course overall well-being results from having open and authentic conversations in the workplace.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why it’s in the best interest of organizations to provide training resources, early-intervention treatment plans, and most importantly, foster an environment to allow for open and honest conversations with there employees.

Decision Point Advisors recognizes the importance of this and encourages staff to share personal and professional wins and struggles in a supportive environment. Weekly check-ins with management are just another way DPA encourages staff to discuss the things that are going well and maybe not so well both in their work and personal life. And should they need it, employees are always encouraged to take a personal care day to tend to personal matters, help out a loved one or take a mental health day.

An empathetic, supportive, and accepting environment – These are all reasons why I feel lucky to be working at Decision Point Advisors!

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